Happy Independence Day Essay 2018, Essay On Independence Day 2018

15 August / Happy Independence Day Essay Short & Long [English]

15 August / Happy Independence Day Essay Short & Long [English] | Essay On Independence Day 2018

15 August / Happy Independence Day Essay Short & Long [English] / Essay On Independence Day 2018 – First of all i want to introduce to you about India Independence Day. India’s Independence Day is annually celebrated on 15 August, as a national day. On this day india’s independence from the British. On this day India’s Prime Minister rises the Indian National Flag above the Lahori Gate Of the Red Fort in Delhi…

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15 August / Happy Independence Day Essay [English] Short & Long / Essay On Independence Day 2018 –

15 August | Happy Independence Day Essay 201815 August | Happy Independence Day Speech 2018
15 August Speech / Happy Independence Day Essay 2018

Happy Independence Day Essay 2018 [ 100-120 Words]

August 15, 1947 was the most fortunate and most important day in Indian history when our Indian freedom fighter despised all his things and used to gain independence for India. With the auspicious day of India, Indians chose Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister who hoisted the tricolor flag on the Red Fort of the National Capital, Delhi. Today every Indian celebrates this special day as a festival.

Happy Independence Day Essay 2018 – 2 [100-120 Words] {Explained Above Essay In Easy Language}

The date, 15th of August from 1947 in India has become a very important day in the Indian history. It was the luckiest day of year 1947 when India became independent after lots of hard struggle and sacrifices of the Indian freedom fighters. We won freedom after a hard struggle. When India got its independence, the public of India had chosen their first Prime Minister, Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru who had unfurled the tricolour National Flag at the Red Fort in the national capital, New Delhi for the first time. All the people rejoice this special day with great joy every year.

Happy Independence Day Essay 2018 [ 150-160 Words]

August 15, 1947 is India’s day of independence and hence this day is celebrated as India’s Independence Day in the form of festival every year. This program has been organized at New Delhi in the national level in which a flag is shown on the Red Fort by the Prime Minister of India and millions of people are involved in the Independence Day celebrations.

During the festivals of the Red Fort, the speeches are given by the Prime Minister after flag and national anthem, after which three Indian armies perform their power, as well as many colorful incidents, as displayed through Indian states. Presentation of art and culture, display of cultural program by school children etc.

On this special occasion, we remember the great figures of India who made significant contributions to the independence of India. At the same time, festivals are celebrated at various schools, colleges and other places of the country.

Happy Independence Day Essay 2018 – 2 [150-160 Words] {Explained Above Essay In Easy Language}

India got independence on 15th of august in 1947, so people of India celebrate this special day every year as the Independence Day on 15th of august. In the event celebration, organized in the National Capital, New Delhi, the Prime Minister of India unfurled the National Flag in the early morning at the Red fort where millions of people participate in the Independence Day ceremony.

During the celebration at Red Fort, New Delhi many tasks including March past are performed by the Indian army and cultural events by the school students are performed. After the national Flag hosting and national Anthem (JANA GANA MANA) recitation, the prime minister of India gives his annual speech.

At India’s Independence Day, we commemorate all the great personalities who had played their important role in the independence of India. During the Independence Day celebration, the National Flags are also hosted in school and colleges where many activities are performed by the teachers and students.

Essay On Independence Day 2018 [ 200-220 Words]

Independence Day in India, people of all religions, traditions and culture together celebrate together happily together. Since 15th August 1947, this year is celebrated every year because on this day almost 200 years later, India has got independence from British dictatorship.

This day was declared as a national holiday and all schools, colleges, universities and offices were closed. It is celebrated with excitement by students of all schools, colleges and educational institutions. Students participate in it through sports, art and literature Before the commencement of these programs, the chief guest or Principal flagged the flag, in which all together, national anthem on the flute tune and drum together and then on this day Is made special by parades and various programs.

On this special occasion of Independence Day, this day is celebrated as a festival on the Rajpath of the National Capital of India, New Delhi, where people of all religions, culture and traditions listen to the full speech of patriotism of the Prime Minister of India. On this occasion, we remember all the great people whose sacrifices we are breathing in all India.

Essay On Independence  Day- 2 [200-220 Words] {Explained Above Essay In Easy Language}

In India, Independence Day is celebrated by the people of all religions, cultures and traditions with great joy and happiness. Independence Day in India is observed on 15th of August every year from 1947 as our country became independent on the same day from the power of British rule almost after 200 years of slavery.

It has been declared as the national holiday when all the schools (government or private), offices, colleges, universities, educational institutions, organizations, companies and etc remain closed. It is celebrated with big enthusiasm in every schools, colleges and other educational institutions by the students. They participate and perform in dancing, drama, singing, playing indoor games, outdoor sports, cultural activities, quiz competitions, awards distribution, etc during celebration. First of all the National flag is unfurled by the chief guest or School Principal, National Anthem is sung with flute and drum and then march past and procession in the streets takes place.

A big celebration event is organized by the government of India at the Rajpath, India Gate in the National Capital, New Delhi where people of all religion, culture and tradition gather to listen the patriotic speech of our Prime Minister. By celebrating this event we commemorate those all great people who had sacrificed their lives and loved ones in making India an Independent country.

Essay On Independence Day 2018 [ 250-270 Words]

Independence Day in India is celebrated every year on August 15 as a national holiday when Indian British rule remembers the long story of the country’s independence. In this freedom, more than half of the freedom fighters have been organized and sacrificed. After freedom, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru became the first Prime Minister of India who hoisted the flag on Delhi’s Red Fort.

On this day teachers, students, payee and all people celebrate with the flag with the national flag. The Indian Prime Minister has hoisted our tricolor flag on the Red Fort of Delhi. After this, with the salute of 21 guns, National Flag is awarded with helicopter with flowers of rain. In our triangle flag, Kasarah shows courage and sacrifice, white color and truth, and the green color represents faith and courage.

There is an Ashoka Chakra in the middle of our tricolor, in which there are 24 lilies. On this special day, we remember the great sacrifices of Indian siblings like Bhagat Singh, Sukhdeb and Rajguru Gandhi, who are unforgettable contributions to the freedom struggle of India. During this time students in the schools give lectures on freedom fighters and participate in the parade. Everyone celebrates this special occasion, sees patriotic films, then touches the goodwill of one’s family and friends, and some people participate in programs of Independence Day.

Essay On Independence  Day- 2 [250-270 Words] {Explained Above Essay In Easy Language}

Independence Day in India is celebrated as national holiday every year on 15th of August when people remember the long event of independence of our Nation from the British rule. India got independence on August 15th in 1947 after lots of movement of Independence during which many freedom fighters sacrificed their lives. After independence, Jawaharlal Nehru became first Indian Prime Minister on 17th of August in 1947 who raised the National Flag at Red Fort near Lahore Gate in Delhi.

Students, teachers, parents and other people come together to celebrate the Independence Day by unfurling the National Flag and singing National Anthem. Out tricolour National Flag is also hosted by the Indian prime minster in the National capital, New Delhi at Red Fort. After that the salute is given by firing 21 guns and tricolour flower showering is held on the flag with helicopter. The tricolour of our Flag represents saffron for courage and sacrifice, white for peace and truth and green for faith and chivalry.

There is an Ashok chakra in the centre of our Flag which contains 24 spikes distributed evenly. At this special day we remember the great sacrifices of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Raj Guru, Gandhiji and other dared freedom fighters for their unforgettable contribution in the independence of India. Students give speech on the subjects of freedom fighters on the Independence day celebration in schools. They also involve in parade, march past, singing patriotic songs, etc. Other people celebrate this day according to their own way such as watching patriotic movies, going outside to home with family, meet with friends or participate in the events organized in public places.

Happy Independence Day Essay 2018 [ 300-320 Words] 

On August 15, 1947, Independence Day is celebrated by people in India this year, because as a national holiday the British Empire has to remember the independence of India. On this day, tributes are given to the great leaders of India under whose leadership the people of India are always free. On August 15, people celebrate in their own style, make friendly memorabilia with friends and family, patriotic songs and films hanging, there are many people who participate in many programs on this day. And broadcast the importance of Independence Day through various mediums.

After achieving independence on August 15, 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru became the first Prime Minister of India, after calling Indian flag on the Red Fort of Delhi, called Indians, this practice has been extended by other Prime Ministers, where Flags, parades and cultural events are organized every day. Many people celebrate this festival by wearing a flag on their clothes, houses and vehicles. With his speech “Trish Ved Destiny” at midnight on 15th August 1947, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru declared India’s independence. In his speech, he said that after the years of slavery this is the time when we will fulfill our resolve and end our misfortune.

India is a country where millions of people live together in different religions, traditions and culture, and celebrate this celebration of Independence with full happiness. On this day, being an Indian, we should be proud and promise that we will be completely and honest with all patriotism to protect our motherland from any kind of attack or insult.

Essay On Independence  Day- 2 [300-320 Words] {Explained Above Essay In Easy Language}

Independence Day is celebrated by the people of India every year on 15th of August as a National Holiday to commemorate the independence of India from the Kingdom of Great Britain on 15th of August in 1947. At this day, people of India pay heartily homage to the great leaders in the leadership of whom India became free forever. At this day, people celebrate in their own way by buying tricolour Flag, watching movies based on freedom fighters, listening patriotic songs, bonding with family and friends, participating in special contests, programs, and articles organized by the broadcast, print and online media to promote the awareness about day.

Jawaharlal Nehru became our first Prime Minister after the independence of India on 17th of August 1947 who raised the Flag at Lahore Gate of Red Fort in Delhi and given a speech. This phenomenon is followed by the other subsequent Prime Ministers of India where flag hoisting ceremonies, parades, march past, salute by 21 guns and other cultural events are organized. Other people celebrate this day by raising national flag on their clothes, homes or vehicles. On the midnight of 15th August in 1947, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had announced the independence of India by reading out his speech on “Tryst with destiny”. He said that after long years of slavery, it is the time when we will redeem our pledge with the end of our ill fortune.

India is a country where millions of people live together whether they belong to various religion, cultures or traditions and celebrate this special occasion with great joy. At this day, as being an Indian, we should feel proud and must take an oath to keep ourselves loyal and patriotic in order to save our motherland from any type of attack or humiliation by other countries.

Happy Independence Day Essay 2018 [ 400-500 Words]

Independence Day in India is an important day for all Indians due to independence from British rule. We are celebrating this day from 15th August 1947 on this day. India, which is independent of the sacrifices of thousands of patriots like Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Lala Lajpat Rai, Tilak and Chandrasekhar Azad, is counted as the world’s largest democracy.

All Indians celebrated the festival of independence in their own way, such as celebrating the festival, watching movies, wearing national flags on their homes, singing national anthem and patriotic songs, and participating in many social activities. This festival of national pride is celebrated very well by the Indian government. On this day, the current Prime Minister of India has been hoisted the flag on the Red Fort of Delhi and after that parade by the Indian forces for the special ceremony, the presentation of the floats of different states, and with the tune of the national anthem, the whole atmosphere patriotism This emerging Independence Day is celebrated in the states with the same enthusiasm in which the governors of the states and chief prominent guests. Some people await the Prime Minister’s speech after being prepared early in the morning. Influenced by Indian independence history, some people watch patriotic films on August 15 and take part in social programs.

Due to the non-violence movement of Mahatma Gandhi, since 200 years of long struggle, our freedom fighters got a lot from the British Empire and after Independence Strong struggle for independence used to act as a catalyst, who had done every Indian together for his rights against British rule, even if he wanted to follow any religion, class, caste, culture or tradition. Even women like Aruna Asif Ali, Annie Besant, Kamala Nehru, Sarojini Naidu and Vijay Lakshmi Pandit have left their role in the fight for independence, leaving chaos.

Essay On Independence  Day- 2 [400-500 Words] {Explained Above Essay In Easy Language}

Independence Day in India is the most important day for every Indian citizen as our country got freedom from the British rule. We celebrate this day every year on 15th of August from 1947. Our country is counted as the world’s largest democracy all over the world. India become an independent country on 15th of August in 1947 after sacrifices of thousands of freedom fighters (such as Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Moulana Abul Kalam Azad, Sukhdev, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Lala Lajpat Rai, Lokmanya Balgangadhar Tilak, Chandra Shekhar Azad, etc) who worked hard to get independence from the British rule.

Each and every Indian celebrate his/her freedom in their own way such as decorating their places of celebration, raising National Flag, march past, watching favourite movies, dancing in the streets, singing National Anthem or patriotic songs or participating in many social activities organized at public places. Independence Day is celebrated by the government of India every year when the current Prime Minister of India raises out tricolour national flag at the Red Fort in Delhi followed by Indian army parade, march past, National Anthem recitation, speech and other cultural activities.

Independence Day in India is celebrated with the National Flag salute by the 21 guns firing. Similarly Independence Day celebration takes place in every states of the country where Governor and the Chief Minister of the states become main guests. Some people get prepared in the early morning and wait for the speech of the Indian Prime Minister at TV. On 15th of August people get inspired with the history of India’s independence and do some social activities like that and watch movies based on the patriotic themes.

The great non-violence movement of the Mahatma Gandhi, Bapu, helps a lot to our freedom fighters to get freedom from the British rule after 200 long years of struggle. The hard struggle for Independence of India has worked as a huge moving force for every Indian which bind them together at one place whether they belong to different castes, classes, cultures to ritual beliefs to fight them from British rule for their rights. Even women (Aruna Asaf Ali, Vijay Laxmi Pandit, Sarojine Naidu, Kasturba Gandhi, Kamala Nehru, Annie Besant, etc) came out from their houses and played their great role in getting freedom.

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